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Food deserts

How will we feed the future and save the planet?
Published Spring 2023
The world's food systems are in peril—but there's still time to act / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Small cities, big issues
Published Spring 2017
Public health researcher Debra Furr-Holden leads center in Flint, Michigan, to help address unpotable water, food deserts / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Food fixes
Published May 4, 2016 Video
New documentary explores alternative ways communities around the U.S. access fresh food
Turning the corner?
Published Nov 2, 2015
Federal policy changes lead to healthier options in urban 'food deserts,' study suggests / School of Public Health
Fresh idea
To market, to market
Published July 29, 2015
JHU doctoral students win Abell Foundation award for proposal to use surplus food to help address Baltimore's 'food deserts'
Baltimore's food deserts
Published June 10, 2015
Report: One in four Baltimore residents lives in a city neighborhood with limited access to healthy foods
Racial food deserts
Published Spring 2014
When it comes to having healthy food options in a neighborhood, the racial composition matters. / Johns Hopkins Magazine