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'Nobody Asked Me': Research project changes the narrative
Published Feb 17, 2021
Hopkins researcher Richard Lofton teams with community organizer Larry Simmons for in-depth interviews of Baltimore families to discuss social issues most important to them
Population health
Study: Less than half of U.S. children flourishing
Published May 17, 2019
Those who are flourishing tend to come from families with high levels of resilience and connection
Parental leave
Making it easier to bring home baby
Published June 14, 2018
New dads share how they made the most of Hopkins' new parental leave policy
The many faces of marriage
Published Summer 2018
Study from Hopkins sociologist Katrina Bell McDonald challenges the notion that black people avoid marriage / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Furry, four-legged, and family
Published Summer 2017
Scientist and writer David Grimm says the dogs and cats of today are quasi-citizens, with more rights and legal protections than ever before / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Carriage before marriage
Unmarried with children
Published July 14, 2016
A lack of middle-income jobs may drive more young people to have children before getting married, study finds
Poor values or poor jobs?
Published Dec 27, 2012
JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin examines decline in stable family units in U.S. / Bloomberg