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A philosopher's view of social distancing, protesting
Published June 24, 2020
Hopkins bioethicist Travis Rieder discusses the complex ethical issues surrounding social distancing and protesting / Daily Nous
SNF Agora Institute
Saving lives while protecting freedoms in the age of COVID-19
Published May 4, 2020
Political science scholars Yascha Mounk, Robert Lieberman, and Danielle Allen discuss the complexities of balancing public health and civil liberties in the midst of a pandemic
Berman Institute
Practical ethics for the 21st Century
Published Nov 13, 2018
Seven teams awarded grants by Berman Institute of Bioethics will present their research Wednesday
Autonomous vehicles
In the driver's seat
Published Summer 2018
Self-driving cars have the potential to make roads safer. But what do we do while they learn from their mistakes? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Practical ethics' research gets a boost
Published Sept 11, 2017
From robots to refugees, seven new projects win grants
Labeled 'E' for ethical
Published Spring 2017
Toxicologist Alan Goldberg knows what an industrial pig nursery is like; now he wants consumers to know how their food is raised, too / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Interdisciplinary research
Ethics, practically
Published Jan 26, 2017
Berman Institute supports nine projects focused on contemporary ethical issues, from climate change to social justice
Business ethics
Stockholder or stakeholder?
Published Sept 28, 2016
Evaluators tend to favor financial performance over contributions to corporate ethics, study suggests
Burned out
Published Summer 2015
Nursing is hard. Unaddressed ethical issues make it even harder. / Johns Hopkins Magazine