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KRACK in the code
Published July 22, 2018
JHU experts discuss the newly discovered software flaw that affects nearly every Wi-Fi enabled device
The internet of bad things
Published Spring 2017
Your gadgets might be helping hackers conduct cyber attacks—and there's not much that can be done about it / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Data security
Hopkins team uncovers Apple encryption bug
Published July 22, 2018
Flaw would enable skilled hacker to decrypt photos, videos sent as secure iMessages / The Washington Post
Data privacy
Brute force unlocking of iPhone: It's complicated
Published July 22, 2018
Encryption expert says even if Apple ultimately cooperates with FBI, cracking passcode could take years
'White hat hackers'
Published March-April 2015
JHU's Information Security Institute protects data, thwarts cybercrime / Gazette
'Next-level' encryption
Published July 22, 2018
Johns Hopkins at forefront of new push to make computer programs hack-proof
Insecure storage
Published July 22, 2018
Design flaw in 'secure' cloud storage puts privacy at risk, JHU researchers say
Code red?
What is Heartbleed?
Published July 22, 2018
JHU cryptography expert Matthew Green speaks with The New York Times about encryption software flaw
Google chairman visits SAIS, discusses web censorship
Published July 22, 2018 Video
Eric Schmidt, whose father once taught at the SAIS campus in Italy, says he owes much of his success, career to Johns Hopkins
Data mind
PRISM's 'huge implications'
Published July 22, 2018
Johns Hopkins encryption expert Matthew Green talks about data mining, NSA's PRISM surveillance program