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Public policy
Public housing and child well-being
Published Feb 21, 2018
Subsidized housing appears to boost high-performing kids but have opposite effect on those with low test scores, behavioral issues
Immersive learning
Hooked on science
Published Feb 21, 2018 Video
Study finds that program that brings live fish into classrooms not only helps students learn, but improves their attitudes about science
Closing the excellence gap
Published Feb 21, 2018
JHU talent development expert Jonathan Plucker explores how to remove barriers for low-income and minority students
Coleman Report at 50
An enduring legacy
Published Feb 21, 2018
JHU to welcome leaders, policymakers for conference marking 50th anniversary of study that changed the conversation on education equality
A rare success story for Afghanistan
Published Feb 21, 2018
Investments in education system paying off for Afghanistan, SAIS visiting scholar Rohullah Osmani writes / The Diplomat
U.S. fails curriculum test
Published Feb 21, 2018
Study: Popular curriculum emphasizes teaching to grade level, leaves millions of students unchallenged in the classroom
Education gap
Race and expectations
Published Feb 21, 2018
White teachers are less likely to predict successful outcomes for black students, JHU economist finds
Ready for success?
Published Feb 21, 2018
School of Nursing study links kindergarten readiness to long-term academic outcomes / School of Nursing
Teacher Turnover
Classroom chaos theory
Published Feb 21, 2018
PhD candidate wants to use chaos theory to predict whether teachers will leave their jobs / School of Education
Curbing absenteeism
Published Feb 21, 2018
Education researcher to aid White House effort on chronic school absences