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School closures could amplify knowledge gaps
Published June 9, 2020
Reduced time in the classroom could exacerbate the learning differences that already exist in schools across the country, education expert Jonathan Plucker says
In memoriam
School counseling expert Vivian Lee dies at 62
Published May 22, 2020
School of Education associate professor remembered by students, colleagues as a guiding force for international social justice
School of Education creates preK-12 educational resource for families, teachers
Published May 8, 2020
New website offers tools and guidance for navigating COVID-19-induced shifts in traditional schooling
How school closures for COVID-19 amplify inequality
Published May 4, 2020
Annette Anderson, an expert in educational equity at the School of Education, discusses the unequal impact of COVID-19's disruption to public schooling
After COVID-19
Recalibrating the American educational system
Published April 7, 2020
When assessing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation's public school system, education reformer Bob Balfanz sees a light on the horizon
Tackling a Problem with 'Loads of Love'
Published Spring 2020
Dirty uniforms can keep kids home from school, but a School of Education alumnus found a solution for his students / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A targeted talent search
Published Spring 2020
Leaders from JHU's Center for Talented Youth rethink the one-size-fits-all approach to identifying academically advanced students / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Helping her hometown
Published Winter 2019
Baltimore native Yasmene Mumby is inspiring action for social impact in her hometown / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Gifted education
Jonathan Plucker named president of National Association for Gifted Children
Published Nov 18, 2019
An expert in education policy and talent development, he will set the organization's priorities and programs to support academically advanced students