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Earth and planetary science

Planetary science
Laser tests reveal new insights into key mineral for super-Earths
Published June 12, 2024
High-energy laser experiments led by Johns Hopkins researchers suggest the compound could be the earliest mineral to solidify out of magma oceans in forming "super-Earth" exoplanets
'Walter just knows stuff'
Published Winter 2017
Oscar-winning film editor and sound designer Walter Murch likes to dive into obscure subjects—including some discounted 18th-century astrophysics that, he thinks, deserves another look / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Planetary scholar
Space scientist named BDP
Published March 2, 2017
Sabine Stanley's research focuses on magnetic fields as a means of studying the interiors of planets, including those light-years away from our solar system
The collision that made the moon
Published Winter 2016
Researchers simulate the collision they hypothesize created the moon / Johns Hopkins Magazine