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NIH adds people with disabilities to health disparity research
Published Oct 2, 2023
As a newly designated 'health disparity population,' people with disabilities will be included in more research related to health inequities
Student spotlight
Advocacy for access
Published Nov 3, 2022
Junior Zandy Wong learned to advocate for accessibility in her own education, and she's using that knowledge to advocate in organizations across the country. She was recently honored for her efforts as a recipient of the Heumann-Armstrong Award.
Emily Ladau on disability, ableism, and being proud of who you are
Published July 21, 2022
The author and activist spoke at Johns Hopkins as part of Disability Pride month
Art History
An archeology of disability
Published Aug 10, 2021
An installation at the Venice Biennale reimagines elements of the Acropolis through the lens of disability