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Disability services

Recipe for independence
Published July 6, 2021
PhD candidate Anna Moyer's site Accessible Chef has become a go-to cooking resource for people with intellectual disabilities
Vaccination plans must include disability community's needs
Published Feb 23, 2021
Bonnielin Swenor and Sabrina Epstein from the Disability Health Research Center discuss their new vaccination dashboard for people with disabilities and why it is essential to ensure equitable access to vaccines for vulnerable groups
Vaccine equity
Johns Hopkins launches vaccine prioritization dashboard for people with disabilities
Published Feb 16, 2021
Tool compares how states prioritize people with disabilities in their vaccine rollout plans, helps people with disabilities determine when they qualify for shots
School of Medicine
Forging an accessible path
Published Dec 28, 2020
About a quarter of Americans have one or more disabilities. The School of Medicine is working to make success stories more common for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental health disorders.
Community health
School of Nursing launches national disability care center
Published May 27, 2020
Through its designation as a national center, the School of Nursing will serve as a hub where assistance can be provided to the community, and information and training can be delivered to postdoctoral fellows and disability/aging service providers
A new home for Student Disability Services at Homewood
Published Oct 29, 2019
Located on the first floor of Shaffer Hall, the new space features height-adjustable tables and desks, plus testing rooms designed to minimize distraction
Director for Student Disability Services named
Published Jan 28, 2019
Catherine Axe, who joins JHU from Brown on March 11, will oversee accommodation needs for students, provide guidance for disability coordinators