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Brain science
Think tank
Published Summer 2018
Scientists write about what they'd most like the public to understand about the human brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cognitive Science
Thrown for a loop(tail)
Published Summer 2018 Video
What letter of the alphabet can we read but not write? The answer's in the 'g'-tails / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cognitive science
'G' whiz
Published May 15, 2018
Junior Kimberly Wong's cognitive science study about the lowercase looptail 'g' goes global
It's a 'g' thing
Which is a real letter?
Published April 3, 2018 Video
Most people are unaware of the two versions of g, a finding researchers say suggests the important role writing plays in learning letters
Mmmmm chocolate
Junk food science
Published Oct 26, 2017 Video
Food has the power to sneak in and grab our attention—especially junk food, study finds
Cognitive scientist honored
Published Sept 7, 2017
Barbara Landau named William James Fellow Award recipient for study of spatial cognition, language development
Brain science
Curb enthusiasm
Published July 27, 2016
Researchers pinpoint areas of the brain sensitive to even the tiniest borders, boundaries, and curbs
Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published June 22, 2016 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
Alphabet game
Expertise and perception
Published March 2, 2016
Objects look significantly different to people familiar with them, study suggests
Cognitive science
Broken words
Published Feb 1, 2016
Researchers study stroke victims to pinpoint areas of brain that control how we write, spell