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cognitive science

Brain science
Curb enthusiasm
Published June 27, 2017
Researchers pinpoint areas of the brain sensitive to even the tiniest borders, boundaries, and curbs
Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published June 27, 2017 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
Alphabet game
Expertise and perception
Published June 27, 2017
Objects look significantly different to people familiar with them, study suggests
Cognitive science
Broken words
Published June 27, 2017
Researchers study stroke victims to pinpoint areas of brain that control how we write, spell
Mind tricks
Brain retrained
Published June 27, 2017
Researchers learn how visual cortex of blind children adapts to respond to spoken language, sound
On stage
Almost artificial?
Published June 27, 2017
Play by artist, cognitive scientist, and JHU alum Monica López-González explores fine lines between human, artificial intelligence
What you see
Color in the brain of the beholder
Published June 27, 2017
Brain generalizes millions of colors to 'best' versions of basic colors, research suggests
Say what?
Language and the brain
Published June 27, 2017
Researchers explore how the brain separates our abilities to talk, write
Algae saps brain power?
Published June 27, 2017
Microorganism in throat could lead to subtle changes in cognitive function, researchers say / Hopkins Medicine
Common perception
Published June 27, 2017
Study highlights similarities in how sighted, blind people think about the world