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Cognitive science

Innovative care
Hopkins AITC announces awardees of second funding round
Published June 16, 2023
Grant recipients–hailing from academia, industry, and clinical practice—will receive funding to develop new devices and other aging-related innovations
Innovative care
Aging well with AI: Hopkins AITC announces awardees of pilot research grants
Published Jan 10, 2023
Inaugural grant recipients hailing from academia, industry, and clinical practice will receive funding to develop new devices and other aging-related innovations
Cognitive neuroscience
Blind people can't see color but understand it the same way as sighted people
Published Aug 17, 2021
Experiments with blind and sighted people upend adage that blind people lack deep knowledge of visual phenomena
Cognitive science
Team finds brain mechanism that automatically links objects in our minds
Published July 9, 2021
Scientists map the part of the brain that "links" similar objects, leading to new insights about how the brain processes information out of context
Cognitive science
Hand-writing letters shown to be best technique for learning to read
Published July 7, 2021
Hand-writing letters more effectively teaches reading skills compared to typing and watching videos, study finds
Cognitive science
Study: The most curious babies become the most curious toddlers
Published June 28, 2021
Infants' responses to surprising events like magic tricks are linked to later cognitive ability, researchers find
Inside programmers' brains
Published Spring 2021
A Johns Hopkins study offers clues to which parts of the brain are involved in coding / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Cognitive science
Music on the mind
Published Jan 5, 2021
Music Cognition course examines music through a highly interdisciplinary lens in order to answer complex questions of human brain function and development
Insight without sight
Published June 23, 2020
By studying an individual with a rare brain anomaly, Johns Hopkins researchers have found evidence that our minds can process images without us being aware of it
Wordplay whiz
Eight letters: Prolific puzzlemaker
Published Dec 12, 2019
Tom McCoy started mapping crosswords on graph paper during his senior year in high school. Now a third-year graduate student in cognitive science at Johns Hopkins, McCoy has had 33 puzzles published in The New York Times and is the mastermind behind the university's end-of-year crossword.