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When school feels 'like prison,' test scores, college attendance drop
Published Sept 21, 2022
Students at high schools with prominent security measures have lower math scores, are less likely to attend college and are suspended more compared to students in schools with less surveillance, finds a new Johns Hopkins University study.
How do we stop gun violence in America?
Published May 27, 2022
Hopkins experts suggest steps the U.S. can take to address the epidemic of mass shootings in the U.S.
An expert look at back-to-school vaccinations for teens and kids
Published Aug 19, 2021
As the new school year approaches, vaccine expert Kawsar Talaat and education policy expert Odis Johnson Jr. discuss the benefits of vaccine mandates for school-age kids
COVID-19 and the new school year
Published Aug 9, 2021
As a new school year begins, Johns Hopkins education experts stress the high value of in-person learning balanced by mitigating community spread of the virus
Education in focus
Published March 25, 2021
As the first full school year since the beginning of the pandemic draws to a close and the U.S. government prepares an infusion of funding into the American education system, experts weigh in
School reopening
Experts: States must implement teacher vaccination plans, tracking to ensure safe school reopenings by fall
Published March 9, 2021
The Johns Hopkins eSchool+ Initiative launches dashboard of state-by-state policies and status
Hopkins experts call for blue ribbon commission on reopening K-12 schools
Published Jan 4, 2021
'The coronavirus has potentially disrupted learning for a generation,' three education and bioethics experts write in 'The Baltimore Sun' / The Baltimore Sun
Education and racial justice expert Odis Johnson joins Johns Hopkins
Published Dec 16, 2020
He is the principal investigator of a national study of fatal interactions with police and an expert in educational disparities
Redefining the K-12 experience
Published Aug 6, 2020
COVID-19 may force many K-12 schools to go all-virtual for fall. How can we make sure the children have a better experience than they did in spring?
Johns Hopkins launches reopening policy tracker for K-12 schools
Published July 9, 2020
The interactive map and resource guides compare and analyze reopening plans for schools nationwide, offering solutions for safe education during the pandemic