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Center for language and speech processing

Artificial intelligence
Multi-language mastery
Published Dec 7, 2023
Johns Hopkins computer scientists introduce a new method to reduce the size of multilingual language models
Artificial intelligence
Fighting fake 'facts'
Published Aug 1, 2023
Inspired by journalists, Hopkins researchers discover a new technique to ground a large language model's answers in reality
Say what?
Model moves computers closer to understanding human conversation
Published Dec 20, 2021
Piotr Zelasko's model identifies a word's intent—such as 'statement,' 'question,' or 'interruption'—to improve how computers understand and process speech
Say what?
Lost in translation
Published Oct 9, 2017
Johns Hopkins team receives $10.7M grant to build machine translation system for obscure languages
Emerging technology
Alexa, can Hopkins improve voice technology?
Published March 2, 2017
Amazon sponsors an Alexa Fellow to encourage advances in voice communication between people and machines
Mental health
You are what you tweet
Published Dec 9, 2014
Analysis of Twitter posts could provide fresh insight into mental illness trends