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Breast cancer

Cancer research
Tumor growth slowed
Published March 22, 2016
Antibody targets 'gateway' commonly found in lung, breast cancers / School of Medicine
Cancer and weight gain
Published July 16, 2015
Breast cancer survivors are more prone to putting on pounds, study finds
Disrupting cancer's spread
Published June 30, 2015
Hopkins biomedical engineering researchers test drugs in effort to put a stop to metastasis
Making whole
Published Spring 2015
A Hopkins team has developed tech for more natural reconstructive surgeries / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A chemo-boosting combo?
Published Dec 10, 2014
Pairing protein inhibitor, chemotherapy drugs shows promise in treatment of toughest type of breast cancer / Hopkins Medicine
Cancer on the move
Published Oct 30, 2014
Device invented by engineers provides unprecedented microscopic view of metastasis
Support for survivors
Published June 6, 2014
$2 million gift to help breast cancer survivors cope with post-treatment needs
How does cancer spread?
This is a tumor. No, seriously.
Published Jan 29, 2014 Video
How does breast cancer spread? JHU cell biologist explains, using Play-Doh
Cancer confusion
Published Dec 19, 2013
Study: Angelina Jolie's story didn't lead to greater understanding of breast cancer risk
Pain relief from dog food?
Published Oct 4, 2013
Pet food preservative could ease common, painful side effect of cancer treatments, researchers say