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Breast cancer

Microbes in breast tumors vary in women of different races
Published March 28, 2023
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center found that the breast tumors of Asian, Black, and white women have very different cellular, microbial, and genomic features and could one day lead to personalized care
Cancer prevention
For many patients, ultrasounds could be pivotal for early breast cancer diagnosis
Published Sept 7, 2022
The development of novel ultrasound technology will help radiologists differentiate cancer from benign masses, preventing invasive and unnecessary breast biopsies and multi-year follow-ups
Cancer research
Liquid biopsy quickly detects DNA markers in advanced breast cancer
Published June 24, 2022
The new test, developed by Johns Hopkins researchers, has potential to help oncologists quickly determine the efficacy of a patient's treatment plan
Engineering better breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
Published Oct 4, 2019
Mechanical engineer SJ Claire Hur is working to develop a device that collects tumor cells from blood samples, enabling scientists to develop and test personalized treatment plans
Fighting cancer by degrees
Published Aug 14, 2019
Hopkins student team engineers device that treats breast cancer by freezing cancerous tissue
Biomedical engineering
Device could expand access to lifesaving breast cancer treatments
Published July 16, 2019
Tissue-freezing probe developed by Hopkins students would offer an affordable, widely available alternative for women in low-resource settings
Biomolecular engineering
Predicting breast cancer metastasis
Published May 17, 2019
Engineers develop a diagnostic tool and method for identifying aggressive breast cancer cells
Health care costs
The financial toxicity of breast cancer
Published Aug 22, 2018
New study finds that the financial fallout from breast cancer can last for years and cause a series of cascading economic consequences for survivors and their families
Breast cancer
A dynamic cellular defense against metastasis
Published Aug 2, 2018
In study of mouse tissue, scientists discover that cells around breast milk ducts can reach out to grab stray cancer cells to prevent their spread
Cancer research
Unlocking genetic mysteries
Published Jan 22, 2018
New Johns Hopkins center merges applied mathematics and biology to better understand breast cancer