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breast cancer

Breast martyrdom
Published Spring 2017
Johns Hopkins research professor visits the Festival of Saint Agatha in Catania, Sicily, for her new film / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Saints, mastectomies, and the power of myth
Published Aug 20, 2017
A conversation with filmmaker Bernadette Wegenstein, whose documentary 'The Good Breast' offers an intimate look at surgical breast cancer interventions
Undergrad research
JHU team takes bronze
Published Aug 20, 2017
Students place third at Collegiate Inventors Competition with low-cost cryotherapy system to treat breast cancer
Flower power?
Magnolia tested as breast cancer treatment
Published Aug 20, 2017
A compound made from the tree's cones shows promise against tumors spurred by the leptin hormone
Breast Cancer
Healthy lifestyle can lower cancer risk
Published Aug 20, 2017
Women may be able to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer, even if they have genetic risk factors / School of Public Health
Global health
Putting cancer on ice
Published Aug 20, 2017
Student team develops reusable cryotherapy device to help treat breast cancer in rural South Africa
Cancer research
How cancer thrives in when oxygen is scarce
Published Aug 20, 2017
Findings could help clear a major roadblock in cancer treatments / Hopkins Medicine
Cancer research
New institute will study promising approach to cancer treatment
Published Aug 20, 2017 Video
Bloomberg, Kimmel, others give $125M to support research into immunotherapy, which scientists say has potential to end all forms of cancer
Cancer research
Tumor growth slowed
Published Aug 20, 2017
Antibody targets 'gateway' commonly found in lung, breast cancers / School of Medicine
Cancer and weight gain
Published Aug 20, 2017
Breast cancer survivors are more prone to putting on pounds, study finds