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Black holes

Hubble finds black hole disk that shouldn't exist
Published July 15, 2019
The presence of a thin accretion disk in malnourished galaxy NGC 3147 defies current astronomical theories
Space science
'Monster at the heart of our galaxy'
Published Sept 13, 2017
UCLA astrophysicist Andrea Ghez will deliver lecture on supermassive black holes
Observing a one-star meal
Published Sept 16, 2016
Scientists find new ways to track stars eaten by black holes, promising to help paint a clearer picture of this cosmic phenomenon
Can one cosmic mystery help solve another?
Published Aug 24, 2016
Astrophysicists from Johns Hopkins propose using mysterious fast radio bursts to help detect dark matter
Deep space
Did a gravitational wave detector find dark matter?
Published June 16, 2016
Johns Hopkins scientists offer hypothesis to solve long-standing mystery in physics
Black hole devours star
Published Nov 26, 2015
JHU scientist leads international team in observing black hole swallowing star, ejecting flare moving at nearly the speed of light
Emissions testing
Shedding light on black holes
Published June 14, 2013 Video
Researchers solve mystery of high-power X-ray light emissions