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big data

Climate science
Breathing easier
Published Oct 18, 2017
Project launched by JHU grad student records Baltimore air quality data for use by researchers, policymakers
Precision medicine
Effort aims to improve diagnosis, care, outcomes
Published Oct 18, 2017
Partnership between Hopkins Medicine, Applied Physics Laboratory will bring data analysis, systems engineering to health care
Big data expert Mauro Maggioni named BDP
Published Oct 18, 2017
Maggioni, who joins JHU from Duke, becomes 20th Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Big data
Health awareness analysis
Published Oct 18, 2017
Do awareness efforts, like the Great American Smokeout, have an impact on our behavior?
Interdisciplinary research
New brain study institute
Published Oct 18, 2017
Kavli Neuroscience Discovery Institute will bring together experts in neuroscience, engineering, data science / Hopkins Medicine
Patient safety
Early warning signs
Published Oct 18, 2017
Computer algorithm could help speed detection of sepsis, which kills an estimated 200,000 in U.S. each year
Processing power
New home for big data
Published Oct 18, 2017
Computing center will provide more digital storage space to scholars from Hopkins, University of Maryland
Andrew Nicklin joins Center for Government Excellence
Published Oct 18, 2017
Nicklin will serve as director of open data at the university's new Center for Government Excellence, part of JHU's 21st Century Cities Initiative
Sickness and inHealth
Published Spring 2015
Revolutionary change is coming to medicine, driven by 0s and 1s / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Supercomputing tool goes global
Published Oct 18, 2017
Platform co-created by JHU researcher will be part of a new NSF-led project to make large-scale computing resources more accessible, easier to use