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Big data

Data science
University makes major investment in data science, artificial intelligence
Published Aug 3, 2023
A new institute will bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines to capitalize on the rapidly emerging potential of data to fuel discovery
Big data
What's in a name? MARCC becomes ARCH, turbocharging Hopkins high-performance computing
Published Aug 2, 2021
The computing center gets a new name and expanded mission that will enhance resource sharing to drive data-intensive computational discoveries
Big data
Next-generation database will democratize access to massive amounts of turbulence data
Published April 30, 2021
The project will provide access to and the manageable download of more than 2.5 million gigabytes of data for modeling turbulent flows
The future of electron microscopy
Published March 2, 2021
Engineer Mitra Taheri and team publish roadmap to harness data science and artificial intelligence for electron microscopy, unlocking tool's full power
Data to improve global diets
Published Winter 2020
Developed in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Alliance for a Healthier World, a new dashboard helps global leaders conduct complex analysis of food systems / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Map tracks drive-through testing sites
Published April 29, 2020
Big data and AI expert Jim Kyung-Soo Liew spearheads effort conducted by software engineers and student volunteers from the Carey Business School
Data and government
Survey identifies a growing need to hire data analysts in government
Published Oct 11, 2019
Having more employees with credentials in data analytics will allow government agencies to more effectively act on the data they collect
Network news
Building big data storage
Published June 7, 2018
Team led by astrophysicist Alex Szalay receives $1.8M to build network that could transform how scientists store, access data
Big data
Meeting of the MINDS
Published Nov 2, 2017
New Mathematical Institute for Data Science aims to better understand the inner workings of big data analysis
Climate science
Breathing easier
Published June 27, 2017
Project launched by JHU grad student records Baltimore air quality data for use by researchers, policymakers