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Berman institute of bioethics

Hopkins experts call for blue ribbon commission on reopening K-12 schools
Published Jan 4, 2021
'The coronavirus has potentially disrupted learning for a generation,' three education and bioethics experts write in 'The Baltimore Sun' / The Baltimore Sun
Greek tragedy helps frontline medical workers cope with COVID-19
Published Nov 16, 2020
Selected works explore feelings of abandonment, personal risk, deferred grief, and helplessness in project organized by Theater of War Productions, Berman Institute of Bioethics, and JHU Program in Arts, Humanities & Health
World Food Day
Sustainable diets: It's not a fantasy
Published Oct 16, 2020
Climate and food systems are inextricably linked—damage to one leads to damage to the other. But improving one means improving the other, too, says global food policy expert Jess Fanzo.
Berman Institute to explore front line of bioethics with new iDeas Lab
Published Oct 2, 2020
The Dracopoulos-Bloomberg Bioethics iDeas Lab will explore new technology and approaches in the field of bioethics to disseminate scientific and public health findings
An epidemic's electronic eyes
Published Fall 2020
Digital tools offer promise and prompt ethical dilemmas during the COVID-19 pandemic, launching a complex new future for public health surveillance. Are we ready for it? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins launches reopening policy tracker for K-12 schools
Published July 9, 2020
The interactive map and resource guides compare and analyze reopening plans for schools nationwide, offering solutions for safe education during the pandemic
Distributing a COVID-19 vaccine raises complex ethical issues
Published July 1, 2020
Bioethicist Ruth Faden says a vaccine is no 'silver bullet' for ending the pandemic—once a vaccine is developed, complex questions of distribution and access arise
Johns Hopkins releases digital contact tracing report
Published May 26, 2020
Leading global experts offers clear guidance and recommendations on ethics, governance as digital technologies are developed to fight the coronavirus pandemic
The ethical challenges of digital contact tracing
Published May 26, 2020
Jeffrey Kahn, director of the Berman Institute of Bioethics, discusses the ethical considerations of using digital technologies for public health surveillance during the COVID-19 pandemic
Berman Institute celebrates 25 years
Published Jan 28, 2020
Planned events include a film and discussion series, as well as screening and conversation focused on the Netflix series 'Unnatural Selection'