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berman institute of bioethics

Berman Institute receives $15M gift
Published Sept 22, 2018
Gift will establish Ruth R. Faden Endowment for Education in Bioethics, named in honor of the institute's founding director
Autonomous vehicles
In the driver's seat
Published Summer 2018
Self-driving cars have the potential to make roads safer. But what do we do while they learn from their mistakes? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Experimental fetal therapy needs trial testing, bioethicists say
Published Sept 22, 2018
Amnioinfusion therapy could aid lung development in fetuses that do not develop kidneys
Revising the genome
Published Winter 2017
CRISPR lets scientists edit our genetic source code. This is going to be interesting. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Practical ethics' research gets a boost
Published Sept 22, 2018
From robots to refugees, seven new projects win grants
Interdisciplinary research
Ethics, practically
Published Sept 22, 2018
Berman Institute supports nine projects focused on contemporary ethical issues, from climate change to social justice
2 new NAM members
Published Sept 22, 2018
Rothman, Kahn among 79 elected to National Academy of Medicine for contributions to medical sciences, health care, public health
20 years after ACHRE
Published Sept 22, 2018
Symposium explores ethical fallout of government-sponsored radiation experiments conducted on unsuspecting citizens
Baby, it's hot outside
Published Sept 22, 2018
Bioethicist Travis Rieder discusses the morality of having children in the age of global warming / NPR
Jeffrey P. Kahn to direct Berman Institute
Published Sept 22, 2018
He replaces Ruth Faden, the institute's founding director who spent 20 years in the role