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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence
This ChatGPT-inspired large language model speaks fluent finance
Published May 31, 2023
Mark Dredze, associate professor of computer science, discusses BloombergGPT, the first large language model built specifically for the finance industry
Artificial intelligence
AI's boundless promise—and potential dangers
Published May 22, 2023
Leading artificial intelligence experts grapple with complexities, opportunities that AI and data science bring to higher education
Artificial Intelligence
Smoke signals
Published May 12, 2023
Researchers use artificial intelligence to analyze Reddit posts, gaining valuable insights into how people think about vaping
PhD student named Apple Scholar
Published May 9, 2023
Yutong Bai is the second graduate student at JHU to receive the honor, which provides support for scholars' research and academic travel
Artificial intelligence
The doctor is out, but it's OK. ChatGPT can answer your questions
Published April 28, 2023
A new study finds that ChatGPT outperforms human physicians in quality and empathy of responses to patient concerns
Artificial intelligence
AI could help close tax loopholes
Published April 6, 2023
Tech and law experts created Shelter Check—software that could solve a billion-dollar problem
Artificial intelligence
AI data better than the real thing
Published March 20, 2023
Hopkins researchers find that algorithms trained on manufactured data can be even better than the real thing for important surgical tasks
Innovative academics
Center for Digital Humanities connects human thought and computation
Published March 7, 2023
The Center for Digital Humanities helps advance research by exploring what humans do that computers can't, and vice versa, and discovering connection points between the two
How AI can help combat climate change
Published March 7, 2023
Hopkins AI expert Jim Bellingham discusses potential uses of AI to track and mitigate the effects of climate change ahead of a March 15 presentation at the South by Southwest Conference
Can we trust AI?
Published March 6, 2023
From Alexa to a robot running amok in the movie 'M3GAN', artificial intelligence is part of everyday life and is capturing our imagination. Johns Hopkins AI expert Rama Chellappa helps us sort out fact from fiction, and whether we should embrace the 'AI spring'.