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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence
Chatbots tell us what we want to hear
Published May 13, 2024
JHU-led team finds that chatbots reinforce our biases, providing insight into how AI could widen the public divide on controversial issues
Artificial intelligence
Robot tackles trauma's silent killer
Published April 16, 2024
Autonomous system devised by a Johns Hopkins doctoral student IDs and treats internal bleeding to prevent pre-hospital deaths when minutes matter
Artificial intelligence
AI can now detect COVID-19 in lung ultrasound images
Published March 20, 2024
An automated detection tool developed by Johns Hopkins researchers could help ER doctors diagnose patients quickly and accurately
Artificial Intelligence
Engineers' new approach brings blurry images into focus
Published March 18, 2024
New deblurring technology from JHU researchers could do everything from creating robotic navigation systems to saving vacation selfies
Artificial intelligence
Writing around an AI taboo
Published March 6, 2024
A new collection of AI-assisted writing assignments co-edited by University Writing Program lecturer Carly Schnitzler offers teachers practical ways to incorporate AI into their work while setting ground rules for its use
Artificial intelligence
Collaborating with ChatGPT to create brain-inspired chips
Published March 4, 2024
Systems could power energy-efficient, real-time machine intelligence for next-generation autonomous vehicles, robots
Tech policy
AI regulation necessary to address potential risks, key senators say
Published Feb 29, 2024
Sens. Mark Warner and Todd Young advocate for artificial intelligence policies during Hopkins Bloomberg Center discussion while Hopkins experts caution against stifling innovation
Artificial intelligence
Improving AI accuracy in medical settings
Published Feb 20, 2024
Johns Hopkins and Columbia University computer scientists combat the inaccurate correlations that artificial intelligence learns from text data
Artificial intelligence
AI innovation helps create authentic, pitch perfect vocals
Published Feb 12, 2024
Neural network Diff-Pitcher, developed at Johns Hopkins University, breaks barriers in pitch-correction technology
Innovative care
Hopkins AITC announces additional awardees of second funding round
Published Jan 5, 2024
Grant recipients will receive funding to develop new artificial intelligence technologies to promote healthy aging