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Artificial intelligence

Health Policy Forum
How AI can revolutionize health care
Published Nov 20, 2023
Becton Dickinson CEO Tom Polen discusses issues facing modern health care—and how AI can help—during Johns Hopkins Health Policy Forum
Computer science
Most valuable program
Published Nov 15, 2023
Students develop tool that weighs eight statistical categories to determine which MLB players have the best chance to win MVP honors
3 questions
New executive order regulating artificial intelligence
Published Nov 2, 2023
Johns Hopkins cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura discusses the sweeping order meant to harness the potential—and anticipate the risks—of artificial intelligence
Computer science
AI image generators can be tricked into making NSFW content
Published Nov 1, 2023
New safety tests by Johns Hopkins researchers reveal vulnerabilities of popular systems like DALL-E 2
Artificial intelligence
A deep dive into AI
Published Oct 4, 2023
JHU experts discuss the potential of artificial intelligence and JHU's unprecedented investment in data science and AI
Artificial intelligence
Educators should embrace AI and ChatGPT, JHU experts say
Published Sept 26, 2023
Panelists discuss the pros and cons of using generative chatbots in the classroom, express optimism that AI can enhance learning
Biomedical engineering
Navigational technology aids brain surgery visualization
Published Aug 31, 2023
Researchers demonstrate promise of 'augmented endoscopy,' a real-time neurosurgical guidance method that uses advanced computer vision
Data science
University makes major investment in data science, artificial intelligence
Published Aug 3, 2023
A new institute will bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines to capitalize on the rapidly emerging potential of data to fuel discovery
Artificial intelligence
Fighting fake 'facts'
Published Aug 1, 2023
Inspired by journalists, Hopkins researchers discover a new technique to ground a large language model's answers in reality
Artificial intelligence
A modern-day Magic 8 Ball?
Published July 17, 2023
Artificial intelligence is becoming more common, but that doesn't mean it's always reliable, argues AI expert Anton Dahbura