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Toad venom therapy
Published Summer 2019
Psychoactive mushrooms may help individuals with depression and anxiety, but each trip can last from four to six hours. Enter the toad. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Intensive care
Post-ICU blues
Published April 25, 2016
Study: ICU stays can increase risks of depression, anxiety, PTSD / Hopkins Medicine
Expert advice
Easing back-to-school jitters
Published Aug 18, 2015
Parents should know difference between normal anxiety, behavior that warrants clinical attention, child psychologist says / Hopkins Medicine
Mental health
You are what you tweet
Published Dec 9, 2014
Analysis of Twitter posts could provide fresh insight into mental illness trends
Study: Anxiety treatment for kids often fails in long run
Published Jan 29, 2014
Less than half of all children achieve long-term relief, researchers say, underscoring need for follow-up / Hopkins Medicine
Alternative medicine
Mindfulness over meds
Published Jan 8, 2014
Meditation as effective as medication in treating anxiety, depression, Hopkins researcher says / Hopkins Medicine