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Anxiety fallout
Published Winter 2020
Amid the fear, isolation, and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health experts warn of a looming public health crisis: anxiety. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Battle at home
Published Fall 2020
Facing frequent moves, prolonged family separation, and scattered medical records, military spouses and children face unique risk factors for mental illness / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Toad venom therapy
Published Summer 2019
Psychoactive mushrooms may help individuals with depression and anxiety, but each trip can last from four to six hours. Enter the toad. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Intensive care
Post-ICU blues
Published April 25, 2016
Study: ICU stays can increase risks of depression, anxiety, PTSD / Hopkins Medicine
Expert advice
Easing back-to-school jitters
Published Aug 18, 2015
Parents should know difference between normal anxiety, behavior that warrants clinical attention, child psychologist says / Hopkins Medicine
Mental health
You are what you tweet
Published Dec 9, 2014
Analysis of Twitter posts could provide fresh insight into mental illness trends
Study: Anxiety treatment for kids often fails in long run
Published Jan 29, 2014
Less than half of all children achieve long-term relief, researchers say, underscoring need for follow-up / Hopkins Medicine
Alternative medicine
Mindfulness over meds
Published Jan 8, 2014
Meditation as effective as medication in treating anxiety, depression, Hopkins researcher says / Hopkins Medicine