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A friendship with lasting impact
Published Spring 2023
Mindy Farber has chosen to honor the memory of her lifelong friend and Hopkins roommate, Rhonda Schneider Casas, through an endowed gift to the university / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A craveworthy salad
Published Spring 2023
In 2005, Leslie Silverglide, A&S '02, Engr '02, and her husband, David, A&S '99, co-founded a casual restaurant called MIXT, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients in salads, sandwiches, and grain bowls / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Real food fellowship
Published Spring 2023
A group of undergrad friends maintains its fellowship as alumni through their passion for sustainable food / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'Foodie dinners' bring alumni to the table
Published Spring 2023
Alumni chapters across the country are embracing their dining culture to convene the Hopkins community / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Thought leadership
Published Spring 2023
For aspiring leaders today, it's no longer enough to simply be great at your job. You need to demonstrate innovative thinking, using public speaking, social media posts, videos, and op-eds to inspire others. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The accidental (crab) chef
Published Spring 2023
Today, alum Dharshan Munidasa owns a dozen fine-dining restaurants stretching from Mumbai to Bangkok. He owes it all to the Hopkins dining hall. Well, sort of. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Class notes
Published Spring 2023
Class notes from the Spring 2023 edition / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Made-to-order career advice
Published Spring 2023
David Gibbs, Engr '85, didn't have a master plan when he left Homewood: "I just took opportunities as they came that seemed interesting and allowed me to grow," he says. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Crazy Legs is still hungry
Published Spring 2023
Competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti has yet to max out on gross out / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alumna Toni Draper named School of Education graduation speaker
Published March 23, 2023
Draper, a publisher, pastor, business and community leader, returns to her alma mater to bring inspiration to the graduating class of the School of Education