Archived articles


Well-shod kid lit
Published Winter 2018
With her new children's book, alum Eva Chen celebrates female empowerment through fashionable footwear / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The fan in the econ stands
Published Winter 2018
P.J. O'Rourke talks about learning economics in war zones, how politics and economics intertwine, and how to know when something's funny / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Climb, eat, sleep, repeat
Published Winter 2018
Alum Geneva Keaton is among the few people in the world to have climbed the seven summits—the highest mountain on each continent / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Empowering more risk-takers
Published Winter 2018
Susan and Matthew Daimler say they give back to Hopkins so that more students can have opportunities to make bold career moves / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Elif's legacy
Published Winter 2018
Fellowship at SAIS supports students with career and research interests in humanitarian assistance and public health in the developing world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Clearly a better mask
Published Winter 2018
Alums Allysa Dittmar and Aaron Hsu are reinventing the surgical mask / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Holding the door open
Published Winter 2018
Lifelong educator Allyson Handley succeeds David Yaffe as president of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Launch of a lifetime
Published Winter 2018
Alum Jeff Barber on why he took his mechanical engineer father to the launch of the Parker Solar Probe in August / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Art for all
The chatter box
Published Fall 2018
Alum Amar Bakshi's art installation has grown into an international network that creates life-size video calls between strangers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Feminists joking and angry
Published Fall 2018
Alum Caitlin Kunkel reimagines the form and content of erotica for 2018 / Johns Hopkins Magazine