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Yes, she did
Published Summer 2019
Alum Molly Dillon's anthology compiles stories from women who served in the Obama White House / Johns Hopkins Magazine
These alums forged a lifelong bond while helping to raise an alligator in a frat house
Published Summer 2019
Steve Eisele and Jonathan Hofeller forged a lifelong bond while helping to raise an alligator in a frat house / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Endowed scholarship celebrates a family legacy
Published June 6, 2019
Seymour Baron and his granddaughter—Jennifer, a member of JHU's Class of 2019—graduated with engineering degrees 75 years apart
Ways of seeing
Published Spring 2019
As chief curator of the Baltimore Museum of Art, alum Asma Naeem thinks art can—and should—be used to tell a broader, more inclusive narrative of our shared history / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Her fashion statement
Published Spring 2019
After years of designing for major retail brands, alum Jean Liu strikes out on her own / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Representing a new generation
Published Spring 2019
Alum Lauren Underwood, the youngest African-American woman elected to Congress, shares her thoughts on representation, democracy, and nursing / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A league of his own
Published Spring 2019
Lacrosse legend and alum will launch his own touring league this June / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Recipe for a lifelong friendship
Published Spring 2019
These alums formed a lasting bond over multicultural meals and fine Georgian wine / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Johns Hopkins Affinity Groups help alumni find their people
Published Spring 2019
Affinity Groups for alumni are organized by interest instead of graduation year, allowing different generations of graduates to meet and share ideas / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Permanent hiatus
Published Spring 2019
Abby Markoe reflects on her decision to end her academic ambitions and pursue her passion of coordinating a youth sports organization / Johns Hopkins Magazine