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Art for all
The chatter box
Published Fall 2018
Alum Amar Bakshi's art installation has grown into an international network that creates life-size video calls between strangers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Feminists joking and angry
Published Fall 2018
Alum Caitlin Kunkel reimagines the form and content of erotica for 2018 / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Throngs of himself
Published Fall 2018
Paul Linebarger wrote science fiction as Cordwainer Smith. His multiple selves did not stop there. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
New cool tools
Snapping to better vision
Published Fall 2018
Alum Kevin White disrupts the eyeglass industry, providing free, stylish prescription eyeglasses to people in need around the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Solving the code problem for custom makers
Published Fall 2018
Alex Mathews and Param Shah are changing how custom manufacturers operate their businesses / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Friends for life
Counsel, laughter, and flying lessons
Published Fall 2018
Evelyn Jerome Alexander and Susan Hazel, both only children, have become like sisters since graduating from Johns Hopkins / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Roadside assistance
Published Fall 2018
Alumni Association Student Grants program makes student dreams possible, whether it's building a baja car or hosting a TED talk / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Great optics for Carey MBA Kevin White
Published July 31, 2018
White won $1 million to develop a diagnostic tool that makes vision testing and distributing eyeglasses a snap