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Brewing up success
Published Fall 2023
Judy Neff is designing a brewery to match her beer ambitions / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Alcohol policy
Most campus alcohol policies fail to receive 'most effective' rating
Published May 16, 2019
Study of 15 Maryland colleges and universities points to a growing need to improve effectiveness of alcohol policies on college campuses
Substance abuse or self-medication?
Published Dec 18, 2018
Study links availability of improved antidepressants to decline in heavy drug and alcohol use
Alcohol marketing
Violent crime and Baltimore's liquor stores
Published Sept 26, 2018
Study: Access to businesses that sell alcohol for off-premise consumption—like liquor stores—associated with increased levels of homicide, aggravated assault, robbery
Work Hard/Play Smart
Brain chemistry lesson
Published Oct 13, 2017
Student drug, alcohol abuse awareness campaign begins with talk by Hopkins neuroscientist Linda Gorman
Curbing drunk driving
Published Jan 6, 2017
Fatal crashes decline when ignition interlock devices become mandatory for all DUI offenders, study suggests / School of Public Health
A sober plan for Baltimore
Published Sept-Oct 2014
School of Public Health pilots study on EMS treatment of substance abusers / Gazette