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Summer Gigs is a student-authored Hub series highlighting the immense and unique talents of Johns Hopkins University undergrads. Whether they are spending the summer interning for a major brand or reaching new heights in daring extracurriculars, JHU students are always up to something interesting.

‚ÄĒProduced by Taylor Jade Powell

Summer Gigs
Culture and collision
Published Sept 5, 2017
Wen Wen Teh, a rising senior, investigates road injuries in Vietnam while immersing herself in the country's culture
Summer Gigs
Wearing the white hat
Published Aug 29, 2017
Ramya Prabhakar, a rising junior, discovers what it's like to work in a federal prosecutor's office
Summer Gigs
Operation outbreak
Published Aug 25, 2017
Rushabh Doshi, a rising senior, gains a new perspective on the 2014 Ebola virus response
Summer Gigs
'Breaking Bread'
Published Aug 22, 2017
Victoria Li discovers a city full of character, hope while working for Baltimore Corps
Summer Gigs
A 'Frankenstein' freelance summer
Published Aug 14, 2017
Pava LaPere, a member of the Class of 2019, learns to juggle professional and personal responsibilities—all while wearing sweatpants