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Latest Releases

DART mission lead named to TIME100
Published April 13, 2023
Ed Reynolds, a program manager at APL, led a team of hundreds in successful demonstration of asteroid redirection technology
Scientists complete first map of an insect brain
Published March 9, 2023
Researchers from Hopkins and Cambridge map the brain of a baby fruit fly, a landmark achievement that brings scientists closer to true understanding of the mechanism of thought
Ancient proteins offer new clues about origins of life on Earth
Published Feb 27, 2023
In early Earth simulation co-led by Hopkins researchers, scientists gain insights into how amino acids shaped the genetic code of ancient microorganisms
Simulations show aftermath of black hole collision
Published Feb 22, 2023
The work, led by Johns Hopkins researchers, shows how a remnant black hole sends gravitational waves like ripples in a pond
Space exploration
JWST detects distant exoplanet
Published Jan 11, 2023
Using NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, a team led by researchers at Johns Hopkins APL confirmed the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf star roughly 41 light-years away
Surprising protein behavior could improve understanding of aging
Published Jan 13, 2023
E. coli proteins lacking the ability to reassemble themselves could one day help scientists rethink studies of the human brain
Health care innovations
Simple spray could keep COVID away
Published Jan 12, 2023
Hopkins engineers have developed a method to prevent harmful viruses from entering the lungs, blocking the spread of COVID-19 and influenza with a nasal spray

News feeds from around Johns Hopkins

Jacqueline Pollauf to Perform at American Harp Society Summer Institute
Published May 28, 2023
Jacqueline Pollauf (MM ’07, Harp) will present a lecture recital at the American Harp Society Summer Institute in Los Angeles, California. The recital will be held at the Colburn School and feature works... / The Peabody Post
Darin Atwater to join Peabody Conservatory as Distinguished Visiting Faculty
Published May 28, 2023
A strong advocate for arts, culture, and music education, composer/ conductor/ performer/ producer/ educator Darin Atwater will join the Peabody Conservatory as Distinguished Visiting Faculty in the 2023-24... / The Peabody Post
Awadagin Pratt to be Presented Honorary Doctorate by Boston Conservatory
Published May 26, 2023
Awadagin Pratt (PC ’89, Piano; PC ’89, Violin; GPD ’92, Conducting) was presented an honorary doctorate by the Boston Conservatory at its May 13 commencement, alongside Cynthia Erivo. / The Peabody Post
Christopher Enloe Awarded O/Modernt Composition Award 2023 and 2023 BMI Composer Award
Published May 26, 2023
Christopher Enloe, a composition graduate student of Kevin Puts, was awarded first prize at the O/Modernt Composition Award 2023. His composition “Discourse for Piano Trio” is set to premiere at the Festival... / The Peabody Post
Barry Banks to join Peabody Conservatory Voice Faculty 
Published May 23, 2023
Grammy-nominated tenor Barry Banks will join the Peabody Conservatory’s Vocal Studies faculty beginning in the 2023-24 academic year. Banks has performed leading roles in the major opera houses throughout... / The Peabody Post
David Seol’s Competition Success
Published May 23, 2023
Preparatory student David Seol received 2nd prize for the Honor’s Competition Senior Division at the 2023 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention in February. In addition, David won 3rd prize at the U.S. Army... / The Peabody Post
Sebastian Gobbels, Amy Ahn Advance to Final Round of AHS Competition
Published May 22, 2023
Harp Bachelor of Music student, Sebastian Gobbels, and Harp GPD student, Amy Ahn, have advanced to the final round of the 2023 American Harp Society National Competition. Sebastian will participate in... / The Peabody Post
The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s Wald Center Is Renovated and Re-Opened
Published May 4, 2023
The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s newly renovated Wald Center for Community Health and Research (Wald Center) re-opened on May 1, 2023. The updated space now houses JHSON’s Center for Community... / News
David Kelley Wins First Prize in Choral Composition Contest
Published April 29, 2023
David Kelley (DMA ’16, Organ) was recently awarded first prize in the 2023 Peter & Lois Fyfe Choral Composition Contest for his composition “Pentecost.” Kelley’s piece will be performed... / The Peabody Post
Ashna Pathan Scores Short Film “My Sweet Enemy”
Published April 27, 2023
Ashna Pathan (BM ’22, Music for New Media) scored director Srini Yennam’s Telugu-language short film “My Sweet Enemy,” which is now on YouTube. / The Peabody Post