Spring 2021 Contents


Tinkerer, climber, engineer
Published Spring 2021
Alum and inventor Jessamy Taylor loves being outdoors, scaling heights, and solving problems. Among them: a better way to adaptive climb / Johns Hopkins Magazine
(Re) creation story
Published Spring 2021
The Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health blends cutting-edge science and a caring environment where lives are reborn. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The book of Pete
Published Spring 2021
New Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse head coach Peter Milliman has paid his dues. Now he's ready to put his stamp on a program hungry for championships / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The namesake
Published Spring 2021
Census records upend long-held assumptions about Mr. Johns Hopkins' relationship with slavery. As JHU sets out to reexamine its history, it joins other schools on the journey to reconcile its past and present. / Johns Hopkins Magazine