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We asked readers: What song holds a special meaning for you, and why?

Songs typically hold special meaning through their ability to bring the listener back to a notable time, event, or feeling. Mason Williams' late '60s song "Here Am I" has stayed with me through the years for its wisdom. It was part of The Mason Williams Phonograph Record . Embedded in the social unrest of that era was a lot of freewheeling creativity. For instance, Williams published a book that unfolded into a life-size photo of a Greyhound bus. His most popular musical composition was "Classical Gas." "Here Am I," he said, was "my way of doing Shakespeare today."

One of the lyrics (slightly out of context) stuck with me and has kept me grounded during life's more difficult times: "In a garmentless promise of nothing we stand, with only the raiment of time. It is ours to endure, or endear and end up embracing whatever we find." —David Lane, Peab '67