Summer 2020 Contents


Seeing red
Published Summer 2020
With an innovative dashboard created by Johns Hopkins engineers, the world has observed the COVID-19 pandemic play out in real time. We're still watching the dots. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
This is not a drill
Published Summer 2020
For decades, scientists and researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security have warned of the catastrophic impact of a pandemic. Now they're using their expertise to help lessen the impact of one. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A view from Italy
Published Summer 2020
An economist and faculty member at SAIS Europe peers into the past, present, and future of our COVID-­19 world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On writing history's first drafts
Published Summer 2020
The Johns Hopkins News-Letter journalists work to make sure students' voices become part of the archives we use to tell stories about our past / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Losing touch
Published Summer 2020
Hopkins physician Sapna Kudchadkar details the physical and emotional toll of COVID-19, a disease she fought at home and on the front lines / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Then it all changed
Published Summer 2020
In March, amid the early stages of a pandemic, Johns Hopkins leadership made a series of gut-wrenching decisions on the operations of the university that will have lasting effects. In a sense, it all started with a spectatorless basketball game. / Johns Hopkins Magazine