What brought him here

Thank you so much for the article about The Johns Hopkins Science Review ["Mr. Science Television," Spring]. I've been at Johns Hopkins for 55 years, and I knew that my interest in coming to Hopkins was seeing something about the hospital on a television show in the 1950s. Now I finally know where I must have had that first inoculation of a desire to come to Johns Hopkins. Terrific article, and thanks again.

David S. Zee, Med '69 (MD), Professor, Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology Ellicott City, Maryland

Black and white photo of children on a television set

Image caption: Gary Plotnick, second from right, played a child-size version of Lynn Poole on the Johns Hopkins Science Review.

Image credit: Robert M. Mottar

Playing Mr. Poole

I very much enjoyed the article "Mr. Science Television." It was very well-written and informative. When I was in an elementary summer school class at Johns Hopkins, our class put on a play; I think it was called "Kids Look at Science." It was a takeoff on The Johns Hopkins Science Review, and I played the character of Lynn Poole. When we put on the play, Mr. Poole was in the audience. He liked it so much that he had us put the show on TV as part of the real Johns Hopkins Science Review.

Gary D. Plotnick, Med '62, '74 (PGF) Pikesville, Maryland

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Readers sound off on "Tweet? Tweet!," Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson's story in the Spring issue.

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