A run for her money

Credit: Sharon Shimoni

Renee Lenkin, A&S '74, describes herself as a one-woman nonprofit. The attorney—a member of the first class of women at Johns Hopkins— has maintained a lifelong devotion to horses, saving about 50 from unwelcome or dire situations in the past 10 years, and many more over her lifetime. The rescued animals inhabit an immaculate stable, complete with oversized stalls and an airborne fly zapper, until she can find them a fitting home. Growing up in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lenkin spent hours upon hours at a nearby jumper show barn, absorbing instruction. The habit stuck through the years, and she later worked at local racetracks as an exercise rider and groomer while studying social and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins. Post-graduation, a successful career as a real estate attorney allowed her to fund rescues. "It was all to support horses," Lenkin says. "I can't turn my back on it." The horses somehow seem to know she won't leave. As Lenkin buzzes around her stables, seven hulking creatures whinny and nuzzle her face; this was, after all, their rescuer.

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