Word changes

Here are six words in each of eight groups. The words in each group can undergo a systematic change, unique to that group, that turns them into new words with new meanings. See how many of these transformations you can discover. (Changes may involve rearranging and/or adding letters.)

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
deliver barker earth astern
emit brad easel late
lived carve leaf mission
parts clam reef motion
repel diary ring quality
warts warp trips rode
Read backward to get: reviled, time, devil, strap, leper, straw. Interchange second and third letters to get: braker, bard, crave, calm, dairy, wrap. Bring last letter to the front to get: heart, lease, flea, free, grin, strip Precede with 'e' to get: eastern, elate, emission, emotion, equality, erode.
Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8
bull bet broth be
cigar greed mist lout
corn isle moth lover
intern spire numb plunder
skill venue should trash
toil verse wand weight
Adjoin 'et' to get: bullet, cigaret, cornet, internet, skillet, toilet. Precede with 'a' to get: abet, agreed, aisle, aspire, avenue, averse. Adjoin 'er' to get: brother, mister, mother, number, shoulder, wander. Apply pig latin to get: eBay, outlay, overlay, underplay, ashtray, eight-way. (This group uses pig latin by spelling. Using pig latin by pronunciation, we would lose lover/overlay, but could gain wonder/underway.)