Summer 2012 Contents


John Astin's next act
Published Summer 2012
In a career that has included Broadway, film, and television, John Astin, A&S '52, has also been successful in his most recent role—bringing spotlights back to his alma mater. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Computing Texas hold 'em
Published Summer 2012
Computer security expert Avi Rubin approaches poker as he approaches his other "casual" pursuits—obsessively. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Parental guidance
Published Summer 2012
For parents of kids with special needs, navigating the education system can be a daunting process. Johns Hopkins student Liza Brecher wants to help. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The Butterfly's Effects
Published Summer 2012
We can't talk with the animals. But by observing their most awe-inspiring traits, we can learn enough from them to create new medicines and robots. / Johns Hopkins Magazine