Fall 2012 Contents


Changing the game
Published Fall 2012
One year into an ambitious new school development, both teachers and students learn to expect more from the East Baltimore Community School / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Blowing the whistle on medicine
Published Fall 2012
Johns Hopkins surgeon Marty Makary's new tell-all book argues that medicine is too often malpracticed. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Making notes
Published Fall 2012 Video
Searching for a vintage sound, Peabody graduate Dontae Winslow couldn't find the right trumpet; so he designed his own / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sham text
Published Fall 2012
Johns Hopkins just acquired a massive collection of books and manuscripts—every last one of them fake. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The 90-year divide
Published Fall 2012
Nearly a century ago, rival approaches to psychiatry fractured the profession. The grand argument is far from over, and at least two fundamental questions—What causes mental illness? How best to treat mental illness?—still await definitive answers. / Johns Hopkins Magazine