30 years of service

  • Melinda Kelly, JHU Press

15 years of service

  • Nancy Caiola, Jhpiego

10 years of service

  • Milton Cox, JHU Press

  • Cynthia Hiner, Jhpiego

  • Dinorah Olmos, Center for Talented Youth

  • Wanda Royster, Center for Talented Youth

  • Laura Saxton, Center for Talented Youth

  • Dori Wittham, Center for Talented Youth

5 years of service

  • Christopher Brown, JHU Press

  • Ann LoLordo, Jhpiego


35 years of service

  • Michael Smith, Epidemiology

30 years of service

  • Alice Merritt, Health, Behavior and Society

25 years of service

  • Miriam Caris, Epidemiology

  • Rachel Jones, Health Policy and Management

  • Judith Konig, Epidemiology

20 years of service

  • Chad Abrams, Health Policy and Management

  • Shirlene Harris, Academic Affairs

  • Peter Roberts, Health, Behavior and Society

15 years of service

  • Joyclyn Gilmore, Biostatistics

  • Angela Leach, Facilities

10 years of service

  • Jamie Haines, Office of Education

  • Sabrina Karklins, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

  • Christopher Kizito, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

  • Karen Parker, Facilities

5 years of service

  • Trevor Arnett, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

  • Celeste Curtis, Health, Behavior and Society

  • Bethany Grove, Epidemiology

  • Jennifer Jones, Epidemiology

  • Tara Lonergan, Epidemiology


15 years of service

  • Joy Saunders, Office of Data Management

10 years of service

  • Polina Mogilevich, Office of Data Management

5 years of service

  • Daniel Sheats, Office of Education


20 years of service

  • Concordia Siebert, Student Health and Wellness Center

15 years of service

  • Kimberly Gray, Housing and Dining Services


20 years of service

  • Justin Killebrew, Mind/Brain Institute

15 years of service

  • Kirsty Gharavi, Advanced Academic Programs

10 years of service

  • Kristen Gaines, Earth and Planetary Sciences

5 years of service

  • __Nancy GregoirevDevelopment


20 years of service

  • Allen Mullen, Facilities

15 years of service

  • Jay Rubin, Development

10 years of service

  • Yuriy Kosachevich, Ensembles and Concert Operations

  • Victor Madorsky, Ensembles and Concert Operations

5 years of service

  • Erika Juengst, Development


25 years of service

  • Sydney Earle, Research Center

10 years of service

  • Erin Cameron, Student Affairs

5 years of service

  • Bahar Alagheband, Student Affairs

  • Antonio Ponger, Facilities


15 years of service

  • Howard Gradet, Talent Development Secondary

  • Ann Maouyo, Talent Development Secondary

10 years of service

  • William Blandford, Center for Technology in Education


40 years of service

  • Bernice Edmonds, Marketing and Communications

35 years of service

  • Ivy Garner, Welch Medical Library

  • Ruby Mason, Pediatrics

  • Barbara Miskimon, Radiology

  • Edward Payne, Research Animal Resources

  • Michael Soaper, Pulmonary

30 years of service

  • Joyce Bankert, Biomedical Engineering

  • Helen Fedor, Pathology

  • Marjorie Kehoe, Medical Archives

  • Shannon Meise, Geriatric Medicine

  • Sheila Pindell, Chairman's Office

  • James Watkins III, Pulmonary

25 years of service

  • Sandra Bailey, Oncology

  • John Baynes Jr., Pulmonary

  • Sandra Buckler, Human Subjects Research

  • Maureen Craig, Pathology

  • Cheryll Glab, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

  • Dale Roberts, Neurology

  • Joseph Summerville, Facilities

  • Clifton Williams, Finance

20 years of service

  • Denise Baldwin, Geriatric Medicine

  • Lisa Butler, Biomedical Engineering

  • Helen Dunne, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Pamela Hill, Rheumatology

  • Kathleen Lensch, Cardiology

  • Georgia Mayfield, Facilities

  • Lee Ann Mihail, Pathology

  • Gay Rudow, Pathology

  • Wanda Stirling, Pathology

  • Margaret Wilson, Pediatrics

  • Brenda Witt, Orthopaedics

  • Angela Woodard, Facilities

15 years of service

  • Lois Anderson, Pathology

  • Shirley Anderson, Dermatology

  • Steven Beads, Otolaryngology

  • Breon Beech, Institute of Genetic Medicine

  • Monica Byfield, Otolaryngology

  • Karen Edwards, Pediatrics

  • James Engles, Radiology

  • Claire Levine, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Janet McCaffery, Oncology

  • Lois Meyer, Ophthalmology

  • Katherine Michalski, General Internal Medicine

  • Yvette Price, Facilities

  • Mary Rada, Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology

  • Amy Smith, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Valerie Stuart, Institute of Genetic Medicine

  • Kimberly Vaughn, Endocrinology

  • Phillip Weiner, Oncology

  • Nancy Willard, Pediatrics

10 years of service

  • Nuria Amat-Codina, Cardiology

  • Altricia Belk, Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Janet Boliek, Research Animal Resources

  • Patrick Cornelison, Neuroscience

  • Alison Dimick, Endocrinology

  • Margaret Dullnig, Registrar's Office

  • Yixun Geng, Neuroscience

  • Michel Graham, Ophthalmology

  • Davette Gray, Ophthalmology

  • Pradeep Hariharan, Research Environment Systems

  • Sonja Harman, Ophthalmology

  • Diane Hazelton, Clinical Operations

  • Danielle Heyl, Pathology

  • John Hiotes, Research Environment Systems

  • Amy Horne, Oncology

  • Joann Johnson, Pediatrics

  • Vanessa Johnson, Neurology

  • Catherine Jones, Pediatrics

  • Akos Kalmar, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Kristen Larkin, Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Katrinia Laws, Dermatology

  • Craig McNair, Facilities

  • Donna Mennitto, Psychiatry

  • Andrea Nelson, Psychiatry

  • Jessica Novak, Neurosurgery

  • Mary Plitt, Research Animal Resources

  • Aditya Polsani, Neurology

  • Judith Reynolds-Stokes, Pediatrics

  • Harvey Rogers, Facilities

  • Joseph Shaffer, Information Technology

  • Katherine Walls, Clinical Immunology

  • Trina Ward, Otolaryngology

  • Sonia Watkins, Cardiology

  • Wanjun Yang, Biomedical Engineering

5 years of service

  • Carla Aspril, Oncology

  • Sandra Assaf, Cardiology

  • Maria Barata, Pathology

  • Carrie Berlett, Neurology

  • Jennifer Chirico, Dermatology

  • Sandy Chon, Infectious Diseases

  • Wanda Cook Collins, Facilities

  • Christopher Crews, Health, Safety and Environment

  • Lauren DeVine, Biological Chemistry

  • Emily Ferris, Ophthalmology

  • Menna Girma, Gynecology and Obstetrics

  • Mark Givens, Facilities

  • Lisa Green, Gastroenterology

  • Lisa Haley, Pathology

  • Michael Hannah, Orthopaedics

  • Jennifer Hoffmann, Infectious Diseases

  • Trisha James, Institute of Genetic Medicine

  • Kelsie Johnson, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Anthony Keyes, Rheumatology

  • Catherine Kiagiri, Chairman's Office

  • Mia Lacy, Dermatology

  • Susan Lawrence, Oncology

  • Shawna Lewis, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Qingfeng Liu, Neurology

  • Elizabeth Mazhari, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer

  • Laurie Meginnis, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Troy Miller, Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences

  • L. Robin Newcomb, Surgery

  • Kierra Perlie, Rheumatology

  • Rebekah Reisig, Pediatrics

  • Britany Richardson, Pulmonary

  • Manda Saraswati, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Kenneth Scope, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

  • Linnea Smith-Waters, Oncology

  • Jared Steranka, Pathology

  • Queen Stewart, Infectious Diseases

  • James Taylor, Facilities

  • Rakel Tryggvadottir, Molecular Medicine

  • Peggy Walter, Radiology

  • Dominique Wilson, Neurology


5 years of service

  • Megan Barrett, Admissions Office


15 years of service

  • Thomas Edwards, Sheridan Libraries

5 years of service

  • Gabrielle Dean, Sheridan Libraries


35 years of service

  • Joan Gregorek, Financial Systems

  • Donald McGill, Campus and Community Patrol

30 years of service

  • Judith Elterman, Office of the Vice Provost for IT

20 years of service

  • Angela Goodman, Enterprise Applications

  • Shirley Stewart, Sponsored Projects and Shared Services

  • Timothy Wilcox Sr., Facilities

15 years of service

  • Laura Cardwell, Sponsored Projects and Shared Services

  • JoAnne Hann, IT Systems

  • Alicia Richardson, Office of Chief Information Officer

  • David Satterfield, Controller's Office

  • Theresa Schreiber, Enterprise Applications

  • Marion Tucker, Development and Alumni Relations

10 years of service

  • Deidra Bishop, Community and Public Affairs

  • Mary Davis, Facilities

  • Robert Mitchell, Office of Chief Networking Officer

  • Carlos Rodriguez, Enterprise Applications

  • Melissa Turning, Development and Alumni Relations

5 years of service

  • David Alexander, Communications

  • James Bolton, Facilities

  • Matthew Custer, Campus and Community Patrol

  • Susan Feight, Development and Alumni Relations

  • John Lorch, International Services

  • Joanne Meredith, Development and Alumni Relations

  • Jennifer Shipp, Development and Alumni Relations

  • Jill Williams, Development and Alumni Relations


15 years of service

  • Marybeth Camerer, Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design

10 years of service

  • Elisa Ahmanson, Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics

  • Michael McGhee, Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute

5 years of service

  • Richard Middlestadt, Manufacturing

  • Wilbur Schneider, Center for Imaging Science