Reaccreditation team set for May onsite visit

For more than two years, a steering committee of faculty, staff, and students from across Johns Hopkins has been working on a comprehensive self-study of the university in preparation for its decennial reaccreditation evaluation.

That process culminates in a campus site visit May 7 to 10 by a team of volunteers from other colleges and universities sent by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Guided by 14 accreditation standards, the group will spend the three days meeting with more than 100 university constituents. The team's evaluation will focus largely on the university's final self-study report, which was produced by the steering committee and shared with the Johns Hopkins community by President Ronald J. Daniels and Provost Robert C. Lieberman.

The report, which addresses broad issues such as governance, planning and resources, faculty, educational programs, and student learning, examines in particular innovative teaching and learning in the gateway sciences and the future of PhD education at Johns Hopkins. Recommendations include enhancing efforts to assess student learning and strengthening the ways data-driven decisions guide and discipline the university's progress.

The final self-study report is available online at