SAIS, New America Foundation partner on South Asia website

SAIS and the New America Foundation have partnered to create the South Asia Channel, a website that aims to be home to the best analysis on India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This initiative is the result of close collaboration between the South Asia Studies Program at SAIS and the National Security Studies Program at NAF.

The channel is housed on, widely regarded as one of the most innovative and thoughtful websites devoted to foreign affairs in the English-speaking world.

Each academic year, two SAIS students will work as South Asia researchers alongside NAF staff to manage the daily news update and prepare articles for publication.

The South Asia Channel builds upon the existing success of Foreign Policy's four-year-old AfPak Channel by expanding its focus to India. The contributors edit and publish original analyses on issues involving Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, covering events in the region as they happen and providing as many different viewpoints as possible.

The AfPak Channel averages about 900,000 page views a year and had more than 365,000 unique visitors in 2012. The South Asia Channel is likely to have even broader prominence, given its expanded focus on India and regional issues.