'Gazette' begins new bimonthly schedule

To kick off the 2012–13 academic year, the Office of Communications made a bold move: It launched not one but two innovative news vehicles.

Breaking news got the all-out star treatment on a website called the Hub: a fast-paced, great-looking platform packed with striking images and content brought together from all over the university, along with stories about Johns Hopkins and its people compiled from publications all over the world. In short, everything the university community needs to know each day about Johns Hopkins, all in one place.

To keep it company, the Gazette, a longtime weekly newspaper, got a major makeover. Transformed into a fresh-faced monthly magazine, it now had space for its stories to breathe and its artwork to shine. News coverage, once comprehensive, could now be selective and focused, with features receiving a more in-depth treatment.

We thought that the Gazette and the Hub made an incomparable pair—and, it turns out, our peers have agreed. In the 2013 CASE competition, panels of judges recognized each with a Grand Gold Award, an honor reserved for entries that far surpass the others.

But we're not stopping there. Beginning this month, change comes again to the Gazette. Rather than being published monthly, the magazine will appear six times a year, giving us more time to craft our stories, explore issues affecting our university, and experiment with new approaches to the important subjects that drive our content.

You'll see some new features in this issue, and others will be incorporated as our concept evolves. Our goal is to continue to give you a publication that is fresh and forward-looking—and unlike any produced by any other university.

Not only will we have an even better publication, but with our new bimonthly schedule, we'll be cutting costs, too—a fortuitous consequence that's right in line with the university's recently announced Administrative Excellence Initiative to improve service and cut costs.


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