Hodson Trust grants to Johns Hopkins now top $78.5 million

Johns Hopkins has been awarded a grant this year of $2,512,500 from the Hodson Trust in support of undergraduate scholarship endowment; the Hodson-Abeloff Young Investigators in Oncology; and the STAR scholarship program, which provides tuition aid for students who are veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since 1958, the trust has awarded more than $78.5 million to Johns Hopkins for a wide variety of priorities across the institution, including the construction of Hodson Hall on the Homewood campus.

A centerpiece of the trust's relationship with the university is the continuing commitment to excellence in education, celebrated in December at the annual Hodson Scholars Luncheon.

The trust has contributed more than $32 million for undergraduate financial aid alone, supporting nearly 1,000 Hodson Scholars and 263 Hodson-Gilliam Success Scholars over the years. It has also endowed the Provost's Undergraduate Research Awards program.

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