Daniels announces university identity initiative

President Ronald J. Daniels last month announced the launch of an initiative aimed at creating a more consistent identity for Johns Hopkins University.

"From its earliest days, Johns Hopkins has been a place of remarkable, organic collaboration," Daniels wrote in an email message to faculty, students, and staff. "The driving vision of our scholars and the commitment of our staff historically have lifted our work above and across disciplinary silos.

"At times, though—to outsiders and perhaps even to ourselves—we don't project a shared identity or, more important, a shared set of values. That's why Johns Hopkins is embarking on a new initiative."

The effort is being led by Vice President for Communications Glenn Bieler, who is working with a team of marketing and communications professionals from across the university.

"This endeavor will allow us to better leverage our strengths and even further enhance the Johns Hopkins name," Daniels wrote.

Daniels invited members of the Johns Hopkins community to participate in the process by visiting identity.jhu.edu, where they can learn more about the identity initiative, share their thoughts, and sign up for email updates about the progress being made.