Four questions for Rollin Johnson Jr., director of the Center for Social Concern, Homewood

1. What's at the top of your to-do list?

The Center for Social Concern has a great history of fostering civic engagement, leadership, and mutually beneficial relationships between our JHU students and Baltimore partners. We will be identifying how we can continue to bring value to the Hopkins community, our amazing students, and our remarkable community partners.

2. What keeps you up at night?

I am continually surveying the environment to identify opportunities or challenges on the horizon. I find myself thinking about how we can take advantage of opportunities, configure optimal fits for our work, or help shape conditions that will bring about positive social change via civic engagement and community-based learning.

3. What's in store 10 years from now?

Whether it is using social entrepreneurship, developing new ways to address poverty, or finding ways to ensure children are getting world-class educations, nonprofits, foundations, and others are working more collaboratively to have a stronger impact. I think over the next 10 years we will witness Johns Hopkins, our students, and our community partners deepening their collaboration to effectively address complex challenges.

4. Tell me something I don't know about Johns Hopkins.

Our students have great desire to get involved in service. Last year, Homewood Student Affairs organizations volunteered approximately 150,000 hours of community service.