Johns Hopkins, Sun Yat-sen University join to boost research in China

The training of next-generation clinical investigators in China is at the core of a new collaboration between Sun Yat-sen University and its affiliated hospitals in Guangzhou, China, and the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine International in Baltimore.

The agreement between the academic medical centers, signed March 4 in Guangzhou, will provide a long-term platform for exchanges among clinical and translational investigators, research professionals, and administrators in both countries, and will lay the foundation for building world-class research infrastructure in China, according to representatives of both institutions.

"China's health care sector and biomedical research field are growing rapidly," says Daniel Ford, a professor and vice dean of clinical investigation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

"We are honored to have this opportunity to collaborate with SYSU and its affiliated hospitals to improve research processes, infrastructure, and systems. We see this endeavor as a natural extension of Johns Hopkins Medicine's global mission and vision."

Ningsheng Xu, president of SYSU, says, "We firmly believe that this endeavor will become a milestone in the globalization of our university. The sharing of knowledge between our two institutions will help advance medical science and health care delivery in China, the United States, and beyond."

In the first phase of the collaboration, Johns Hopkins experts will travel to SYSU to teach courses and lead workshops designed to strengthen development of investigators and research professionals. These experts also will design a competitive fellowship program at Johns Hopkins for promising SYSU investigators and junior faculty members, and provide strategic and technical advice on a wide range of issues that include research infrastructure, operations, safety, and governance.

The agreement will also provide seed grants for collaborative clinical and translational pilot projects that have the potential to develop into larger studies funded by industry or government sources in China and the United States.

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