JHU provides 1,600 school uniforms for Baltimore students

Johns Hopkins uniform drive

Image caption: Students from Baltimore City schools pick up their new uniforms at an ice cream social held on the university’s Homewood campus.

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Faculty, staff, and students have once again generously sponsored elementary, middle, and high school students whose families are unable to purchase their mandatory school uniforms. In its second year, the Johns Hopkins Adopt-a-Student Uniform Drive sponsored 800 students in 135 schools, an increase of 660 students from the inaugural drive, by collecting donations of $40 to purchase two complete uniforms for each student.

Approximately 350 students and their families attended an ice cream social to pick up their uniforms on the Homewood campus. The women's lacrosse team had donated $800, and four players were on hand to help hand out the uniforms. The students who couldn't attend were able to pick up their uniforms from the Baltimore City Schools Office of Engagement.

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