A woman in a tie-dye kaftan and matching head wrap dances while musicians play traditional African folk instruments behind her

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

A tribute to Homewood's history

The Ritual of Remembrance held Friday aimed to recognize and honor the legacies of those who were enslaved on the property that now makes up the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University. Above, Baltimore-based performance group Urban Foli leads a musical tribute to the enslaved men, women, and children who lived and labored on Homewood. The performance was accompanied by a recitation of the names of those who were enslaved and a libation, or pouring out of water, in accordance with West African traditions for honoring the deceased.

"The Ritual of Remembrance is a starting point—we don't yet know all the names of the people who were enslaved there, and more names should be added as we learn more," said event organizer Jasmine Blanks Jones. "This event is about more than just remembering them. Let it spark conversations and action."