April is Stress Awareness Month (but no need to stress over it)

You can check out these tips and tools for successful coping strategies

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April is Stress Awareness Month, focusing attention on your health and how you can learn successful coping strategies for dealing with life stressors.

Stress is something everyone experiences, often many times throughout the day.

The good news: Stress is a normal and healthy reaction that occurs when we feel threatened, uncertain, or overwhelmed.

More good news: Even the smallest steps taken each day toward stress reduction can significantly improve mental and emotional well-being over time.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot: For inspiration and guidance on how small actions can lead to big wins, here are tips and tools.

  • Small actions make big changes. Learn how tiny tweaks to your daily routine can translate into big wins. Open the flyer.
  • Stress management bingo. Challenge yourself and others to prioritize well-being in a fun, interactive way. Open the flyer.
  • Managing stress at work. Recognize how you, as a people leader, can identify and reduce work-related stressors. Open the flyer.

Remember that JHEAP—the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program—offers referrals to short-term professional counseling to help when things seem overwhelming. The program also offers confirmed, matched referrals to help take the stress out of locating providers for caregiving, daily convenience, health and wellness, legal, and financial needs.

JHEAP can be reached confidentially, 24/7, by calling 888-978-1262, logging into CCA (company code: JHEAP), or through the CCA@YourService app. Counseling requests can also be submitted electronically.

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