Mastering your finances: A guide to effective debt management

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Debt—most people have it, and nobody wants it. But it doesn't have to be a skeleton in your closet: You can haul it out and deal with it. You can even learn to use it to your advantage.

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Article: Getting Started With Debt Management

There's nothing wrong with using credit. You might use it for convenience, security, or to make a major purchase like a house, car, or education. The key is to use your credit wisely to protect your credit standing and prevent getting caught up in an expensive cycle of high interest payments and fees. Read about how to get started with debt management.

Video: Types of Debt

Do you know that some debt is considered good? There are different kinds of debt, and depending on what you use it to pay for and how well it's managed, it can be a positive part of your financial picture. With MMA, you can look at different types of debt and what they mean for your credit. Learn about different types of debt.

Online course: Getting Out of Debt (and Avoiding It in the Future)

Having debt is normal and sometimes even necessary for life's big moments, such as purchasing a home or furthering education. But what happens if you take on more than you can handle? A course titled Getting Out of Debt (and Avoiding It in the Future) explores why debt overload happens, what the many types of debt are, and how to recognize your personal relationship with debt. After diving into strategies and resources available to help you tackle your debt, the course invites you to evaluate your financial situation and look at how various paydown methods could work for you. By recognizing various situations where you could be prone to incur debt, you'll be a more-informed consumer. Take the course.

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