WEX filing deadline for 2023 FSA expenses is April 30

Unused funds from $30 to $610 will carry over to 2024; under and over amounts will be forfeited

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April 30, 2024, is the deadline for submitting 2023 claims to WEX for your health care and dependent care flexible spending accounts and your child care voucher account. Eligible expenses must have been incurred from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023.

If you currently have any debit card purchases from your 2022 or 2023 health care FSA that require backup documentation, these charges also need to be substantiated by April 30, 2024.

The IRS requires supporting documentation to make sure all monies used are for eligible medical transactions. If documentation is not submitted by the filing deadline, the amount will be added to your 2024 wages and will be taxed as ordinary income.

Log in to your WEX account to view your transactions. Acceptable backup documentation includes an itemized invoice from the provider or your explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier. Any supporting documentation provided must include the following:

  • Name of patient
  • Name of provider or merchant
  • Date service received or item purchased
  • Description of service received or item purchased
  • Dollar amount (after insurance, if applicable)

Log in to your WEX account to upload the required documentation. Alternatively, you can download the free WEX mobile app on your Apple or Android device and use your phone's camera to take a picture of the documentation and upload it on the spot.

For the 2023 plan year, a minimum balance of $30 up to $610 in your health care FSA or limited purpose FSA will automatically carry over into 2024. You will be able to see this carryover after the 2023 claims filing deadline of April 30 by viewing your WEX account.

Remaining funds under $30 and over $610 from your 2023 health care FSA, as well as any remaining dependent care FSA balance, will be forfeited.

For questions about substantiation or your online account, contact WEX at 866-451-3399.

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