Tax Day is coming. Are you prepared?

As a JHU employee, you have access to a range of free resources to help you get ready for April 15

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Filing your taxes can be daunting. From the various forms to keep track of, to the possibility of having a bill at the end of it all, it's common to feel uneasy when tax season approaches.

As a Johns Hopkins University employee, you have access to a range of resources to support your financial well-being and help you as you prepare for tax season. JHU partners with Marsh McLennan Agency, an independent investment adviser whose digital platform, Prosperwise, is a one-stop hub for all things regarding finances.

MMA has compiled the following list of tax-related resources and information from Prosperwise to help.

An overview to get you started

In an online course titled Filing Your Taxes, MMA demystifies the tax-filing process so that you can feel confident as you prepare to file your 2023 federal return.

Key forms and financial information you'll need to prepare your taxes

Filing your tax return requires you to collect key forms and financial information beforehand, and knowing which forms you can expect to receive from third parties can help you prepare. Some forms are provided by financial institutions, employers, and other businesses; other financial information may already be in your possession. Go here to see what forms you might need.

Standard vs. itemized deductions: What's the difference?

Tax deductions impact how much of your income will be taxed by the IRS. As a taxpayer, you have the option to itemize your deductions or take the standard deduction. What's the difference? Find out here.

Want to learn more?

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