Let's focus on nutrition planning for March

Burnalong gets you going with food-forward webinars, on-topic classes, and a perfect playlist

Seedlings of onion, basil, and spinach grow in pots on a windowsill

Image caption: A kitchen garden can thrive on a windowsill and is easy to visit when you're cooking.


Ready to revitalize your wellness routine by spring cleaning your eating habits for a healthier, more vibrant you? Complete your Burnalong March Intention focusing on nutrition here and set your goal for the month. Then check out March's upcoming Burnalong webinars related to nutrition, listed below.

Haven't signed up yet for Burnalong? As part of JHU's benefits, this virtual well-being platform offers full-time employees thousands of free classes that can be taken from anywhere, and up to four of your family members or friends are eligible to take them, too. Register for Burnalong here.

From Garden to Table: Cultivating and Cooking Your Own Food
Thursday, March 7, at noon

You'll be guided through the steps to create your own kitchen garden, no matter how limited your space may be. You'll explore easy-to-grow plants that thrive in various living situations, from tiny apartments to suburban homes, and even on balconies and windowsills. Learn how to choose the right plants and containers, and discover creative vertical gardening solutions, too. Register here.

Decoding Your Dietary Restrictions: Understanding Allergies and Food Sensitivities
Wednesday, March 13, at noon

Gain practical insights on managing your diet to accommodate allergies and food sensitivities. Empower yourself to enjoy a healthier, symptom-free life while navigating the world of food choices with confidence. Register here.

Savor Every Bite: The Joy of Intuitive Eating
Thursday, March 21, at noon

Say goodbye to mindless munching and begin savoring every delicious moment. In our fast-paced, digital world, it's easy to rush through meals, hardly tasting what we eat. But what if we could transform our relationship with food, becoming more present and savoring every bite? Take a journey into the realms of mindful and intuitive eating. Register here.

More to know

Be sure to register for the webinars, regardless of whether you can attend live, so you can receive a recording post-event. You do not need a Burnalong account to join the webinars.

To help you on your well-being journey, Burnalong also has provided a March class calendar and playlist to guide you throughout the month.

To check out more well-being offerings from JHU Healthy at Hopkins, go here.

Questions can be directed to wellnessprograms@jhu.edu.