Meet What to Eat, the new WeightWatchers tool

Part of the WW app, it can help you enjoy food while reaching your goals

A woman holding a shopping basket while standing in the aisle of a grocery store


Johns Hopkins University partners with WeightWatchers to offer you a nutrition plan, a supportive community, and tools to help you start healthy new habits.

Planning and selecting healthy meals just got easier. Meet What to Eat, a new tool in the WW app for enjoying food while reaching your goals.

What to Eat takes the guesswork out of every meal. Whether you're:

  • Cooking at home
  • Trying a new restaurant
  • Grabbing takeout
  • Traveling

To access the What to Eat feature on the app, join WeightWatchers for $9.75 a month through JHU (see details below). Visit WW.com/JohnsHopkinsUniversity to sign up or learn more.

Want another boost for your new year? Take a seat at the WeightWatchers webinar titled Momentum: The Secret to Maintaining Your Healthy Habits, which will be held at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 29. Claim your free ticket here.

Already a WeightWatchers member? Call 866-204-2885 for questions or to sync your current account.

The pricing above reflects the cost for an eligible WW membership through JHU. Plans auto-renew monthly in accordance with company pricing until you cancel. Pricing may adjust to the standard monthly rate if your relationship with JHU changes or terminates, or the agreement between JHU and WW terminates.

Questions can be directed to wellnessprograms@jhu.edu.