Be Well Together Challenge wraps up for fall

Burnalong's live and on-demand educational and fitness classes allow employees to connect with others in healthy ways

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During the month of November, JHU employees participated in the Be Well Together Challenge by connecting with others in healthy ways on the Burnalong platform. In addition to caring for our physical health, connecting with others in healthy ways is important in maintaining our overall emotional well-being.

Burnalong provides a wide selection of live and on-demand educational and fitness classes to help JHU employees and their families on their well-being journey (and the platform is free—details below). Classes can be taken individually or as a group.

When asked what her favorite Burnalong classes were, Week 4 challenge winner Sophia (who asked that her last name not be used) said, "All of Lindsay Ricke's and Liz Law's HIIT or strength-based workouts, as well as Shelby's indoor cycling classes on the LivFit Collective channel. Burnalong has been a game-changer," she said. The second Week 4 random weekly drawing winner was Beth Sloand, School of Medicine.

Benefits & Worklife, which sponsored the challenge, says congratulations to all the monthly winners:

  • Holly Tominack, Libraries
  • Victoria Gabbai, University Administration
  • Lauren Jones-Lush, University Administration
  • Jonathan Lynch, School of Medicine
  • S. Park, School of Public Health
  • Ritu Sharma, School of Public Health

The next JHU well-being challenge will be in the spring. In the meantime, you can keep finding classes to enjoy on the Burnalong platform. Full-time JHU employees have up to four free subaccounts for family or friends and can schedule live or on-demand classes with colleagues or their departments. If you have not signed up for your Burnalong account, you can register here.

For more information on all JHU Healthy at Hopkins programs, visit the Benefits & Worklife website or email wellnessprograms@jhu.edu.

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